Registering devices before they are enrolled is optional and allows you to restrict an enrollment to registered devices only. Another benefit is tracking enrollment statuses.

You can register multiple devices using a batch import feature which saves time.

To register multiple devices:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Users > List View or Devices > Lifecycle > Enrollment Status.
    1. Select Add and then Batch Import to display the Batch Import screen.
  2. Complete each of the required fields. Batch Name, Batch Description, and Batch Type.
  3. Under the Batch File (.csv) field is a list of task-based templates you can use to load users and their devices in bulk.
  4. Select the appropriate download template and save the comma-separated values (CSV) file to somewhere accessible.
  5. Locate the saved CSV file, open it with Excel, and enter all the relevant information for each of the devices that you want to import.

    Each template is pre-populated with sample entries demonstrating the type of information (and its format) intended to be placed in each column.

    Fields in the CSV file denoted with an asterisk (*) are required.

  6. Save the completed template as a CSV file. In the AirWatch Console, select the Choose File button from the Batch Import screen, navigate to the path where you saved the completed CSV file and select it.
  7. Select Save to complete registration for all listed users and corresponding devices.