Use the Resources List View to add and manage your collection of device resources which includes viewing, deleting, and editing individual resource configurations.


Add a Resource

You can add a resource to provision your multi-platform device fleet with the same Exchange, wi-fi, and VPN settings.

Navigate to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Resources and select Add Resource. You must select from the following options to add a resource.

  • Exchange – Configure email settings so you can keep in touch with your Exchange email server.
  • Wi-Fi – Configure Wi-Fi connectivity settings so you can maintain network connectivity.
  • VPN – Configure virtual private network settings so you can maintain a secure connection.

Each resource requires three distinct configuration steps. Create a device resource by specifying the Resource Details, the applicable Platforms, and the Assignment of the resource to devices.

  • The Resource Details contain the resource name, description, server dependencies, and other critical settings that determine how the resource operates.
  • The Platforms define on which devices the resource runs.
  • The Assignment determines how the resource is deployed, including organization groups, user groups, and smart groups.

Manage Resources

Once you have amassed a collection of resources, you can manage them by navigating to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Resources and Filter, View, Edit, and Delete resources.

  • Filter the Resource List View to show Active, Inactive, or All resources.
  • View the different platforms which your resource includes by selecting the hyperlink numeral in the Platforms column.
    • Open Advanced Settings for the resource by selecting the hyperlink platform name.
    • Open the View Devices page by selecting the hyperlink numerals in the Installed/Assigned column of the Platforms page. This page displays the list of devices assigned to the resource.
    • View and Export the XML code and upload a certificate by clicking the View hyperlink in the XML column of the Platforms page.
  • Edit a resource by selecting the name link of the resource which displays the Resource Details section of the Edit Resource page.
    • Edit the resource details by clicking the edit pencil ( MDM_EditIcon) to the left of the resource listing. You may proceed making edits to the other sections of the Edit Resource page by selecting the Next button.
  • Edit the assignment of the resource by selecting the radio button to the left of the Resource listing and then clicking the Edit Assignment button.
  • Delete a resource by selecting the radio button to the left of the resource listing and clicking the Delete button. Deleting a resource sets the resource to inactive until it is removed from all devices.