Restriction Minimum Support Versions

Allow Camera

See Restrictions Best Practices


Allow Microphone

See Restrictions Best Practices

Allow Factory Reset v2.0+
Allow Airplane Mode v5.0
Allow Screen Capture v2.0+
Allow Mock Locations v2.0+

Allow Clipboard

See Restrictions Best Practices

Allow USB Media Player v2.0+
Allow NFC  
Allow NFC State Change v5.0+
Allow Home Key v2.0+
Allow Email Account Addition v5.0+
Allow Email Account Removal v5.0+
Allow Google Account Addition v4.0+
Allow POP / IMAP Email  
Allow Power Off v3.0+
Allow Safe Mode v4.0
Allow Status Bar v3.0+
Allow Notifications v3.0+
Allow Wallpaper Change v3.0+
Allow Audio Recording if Microphone is Allowed v4.0+
Allow Video Recording of Camera is Allowed v4.0+
Allow Ending Activity When Left Idle v4.0+
Allow User to Set Background Process Limit v4.0+

Allow Headphones

See Restrictions Best Practices

Allow All Local Services  
Allow Fingerprint Authentication v5.0+
Allow Deactivate Device Admin v4.0+

*For devices running Jelly Bean 4.3

‡For devices running Kit Kat