From the Remote Actions menu, end users can perform remote actions over the air to their devices. Registration and Enrollment actions only display in the Self-Service Portal (SSP) when the enrollment of a selected device is still pending.

The mobile device platform determines which remote actions are available to the user.

The table below shows the basic and advanced SSP actions that are supported by the various major platforms.

Action Android iOS Win




Win 7



Basic Actions
Change Passcode            
Clear (SSO) Passcode      
Delete Device
Delete Registration    
Device Query    
Device Wipe    
Download Agent          
Enterprise Wipe
Locate Device      
Lock Device/Screen    
Lock SSO          
Make Noise            
Resend Enrollment Message    
Send Message
Set Roaming            
Sync Device          
View Enrollment Message    
Advanced Actions
Generate App Token
Manage Email        
Review Terms of Use
Revoke Token
Upload S/MIME Certificate