Deploy SaaS applications to users and groups configured from your Active Directory system. The system identifies users and groups by a name and a domain. These resources are not the same as AirWatch Console smart groups.

About Users and User Groups

Configure users and user groups in the VMware Identity Manager administration console. For information, see the topic Managing Users and Groups at the VMware Documentation site,

Assign Users and Groups to SaaS Applications

Assign SaaS applications by giving users access and use permissions for the application. Users run the SaaS application from Workspace ONE.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Web > SaaS.
  2. Select the SaaS application and then choose Assign.
  3. Complete the assignment options.

    Setting Description
    Users / User Groups

    Enter users and user groups that receive the application assignment.

    Users and user groups are enabled to sign in to Workspace ONE.

    Deployment Type
    • User-Activated - Requires users to select applications in the Workspace ONE Catalog and to add them to the Launcher to activate them.
    • Automatic - Displays applications in the Launcher of Workspace ONE the next time users log in to the Workspace ONE portal.
  4. Save assignment settings.