Manage your SaaS applications in the same console as your native applications and web links. When you use access policies with SaaS applications, you can control access to the application at the point of authentication.

SaaS Applications and Web Applications Are the Same

SaaS applications are called Web applications in VMware Identity Manager and you can now add, edit, and delete these applications in one management console. They consist of a URL address to the landing page of the resource. They also include an application record. Add SaaS applications to the AirWatch Console from your web applications in the Workspace ONE catalog. You can also add new SaaS applications in the AirWatch Console.

VMware Identity Manager Documentation

For information about configuring web applications in VMware Identity Manager, see Providing Access to Web Applications, available at

Web Links Applications

Web links applications were called web applications in past AirWatch releases. For information about Web links applications, see Web Links Application Features and Supported Platforms.

Control Access At the Time of Authentication

SaaS applications and access policies offer control of resources at the time of authentication.


Component Description

Authentication method

Require the use of federation protocols when accessing the SaaS application.

Federation protocols use tokens to allow access and to establish trust between the resource and the user.

Identity and Service Providers Use identity provider and service provider metadata from Workspace ONE system in AirWatch to configure trust between your providers, SaaS applications, and users in your network.

Use the self-signed certificate from the VMware Identity Manager service or enter one from your certificate authority to control trust between users in your Workspace ONE system and the SaaS application.

Users and User Groups Configure users and user groups in VMware Identity Manager and then assign them to SaaS applications in the AirWatch Console.
Secured Connection Enable trusted connections with the VMware Enterprise System between the Workspace ONE system, SaaS applications, and users.
Session Access & Length Configure access policies and mobile SSO to control the allowable time to access SaaS applications before users must re-authenticate with Workspace ONE.

More SaaS Application Topics

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