AirWatch Inbox provides security measures and data loss prevention strategies across mobile devices using AirWatch Console.

Using an AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, the AirWatch Inbox secures email content by encrypting message data such as email address and message text by storing it in a local database. The email database and attachments are stored in a protected app space that is inaccessible to third-party applications.


AirWatch Inbox does not support AES encryption using SMIME.

Security Features

Following security features can be configured within the AirWatch email profile:

  • Account Information / Email Message Encryption

    All device account information, including email password and message information such as the message body, are encrypted when written to the application database. The application database is not accessible on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Additionally, in rooted devices, the account information cannot be read as it is fully encrypted.

  • Email Attachment Encryption

    With AirWatch Inbox, all saved attachments are downloaded to the encrypted internal application space to ensure protection. Inbox, along with SEG integration, encrypts the attachments once again which can later be opened from the VMware Content Locker. This ensures full end-to-end encryption.

  • SEG/PowerShell Support

    When configured, the AirWatch Inbox automatically sends a unique EAS identifier to the AirWatch database. This EAS identifier is used to identify the device as a managed device through SEG or PowerShell commands. As a managed device, the administrator can create different email compliance policies using the SEG or PowerShell commands.