The AirWatch Self-Service Portal (SSP) is a useful online tool used to remotely monitor and manage devices. It can help reduce the hidden cost of managing a device fleet. By empowering and educating device users on how to perform basic device management tasks, investigate issues and fix problems, your organization may be able to reduce the number of help desk tickets and support issues.

Access the Self Service Portal on Devices

You can access the Self-Service Portal (SSP) from your workstations or devices by navigating to https://<AirWatchEnvironment>/MyDevice. If you have a device that supports Web Clips or Bookmarks, your administrator may have supplied these shortcuts enabling you to access the SSP directly.

Self Service Portal (SSP) Customizations

You can alter the default login page background by configuring Branding settings.

Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Branding and select the Upload button in the Self-Service Portal Login Page Background setting. Select a custom background image with a suggested size of 1024x768 pixels.

Default Login Page

You can set the default authentication method displayed on the Self-Service Portal depending on your organization's and users' needs. For more information, see Configure the Default Login Page for the SSP.

My Devices Page

The My Devices page of the Self Service Portal provides access to detailed information about devices and enables users to perform a wide range of actions.

You can choose a language for the SSP beyond your browser's default language. You can log in to the SSP, change your password, select a device, add a device, and much more.

To add a device, select Add a Device in the SSP.

To view details about a specific device, see Device Information in the SSP.

Remote Actions

AirWatch gives administrators several remote actions and options for managed devices. However, when devices are employee-owned, those employees may want to access similar management tools for their own use. The AirWatch SSP provides a means for employees to utilize some key MDM tools without any IT involvement. If you enable it, end users can launch the SSP in a web browser and access key MDM support tools. You can also enable or disable the displays of information and the ability to perform remote actions from the SSP.

For a detailed description of remote actions, see Basic Remote Actions in the SSP and Advanced Remote Actions in the SSP.

For a matrix of platform-specific remote actions, see Self-Service Portal Actions Matrix.