The following is a list of AirWatch services with descriptions.

Service Name Service Description
AirWatch Agent Builder Services Service that generates a CAB file that is available for download from the Admin Console.

AirWatch Alert Adapter

The Alert Adapter processes data from AirWatch to generate alerts.

AirWatch Alert Delivery Service

Takes alerts from the adapter and delivers them to end users.

AirWatch Background Processor Service Batch processing for legacy SSRS reports.

AirWatch Batch Processing Service

This service extracts user information from Bulk Import Spreadsheets and puts the data in the Database.

VMware Enterprise Systems Connector

Enables integration with your back-end enterprise resources.

AirWatch Cloud Messaging Service

This service allows device to establish a persistent connection to AirWatch. It delivers the messages and processes commands from the Console.

AirWatch Content Delivery This service is responsible for pushing, staging, and provisioning content to relay servers.

AirWatch Device Scheduler

The Device Scheduler Service reads the schedule settings from the database and writes it to the two queues APNSOutbound and C2DMOutbound per the query schedule setup in System Settings.

AirWatch Device Tunnel Queue Monitor Service This service reads information from a Queue that the Tunnel Server writes to. It then writes this information to the database.
AirWatch Diagnostic Service Service used to report diagnostics information. Monitoring these is up to your organization. If they go down they will no longer report diagnostics information, but will not cause service interruptions.
AirWatch Directory Sync Service Service used to process directory sync jobs. This was moved from the Scheduler to this new service.

AirWatch EAS Integration Service

Processes mail requests routed through the AirWatch Secure Email Gateway.

AirWatch Email Notification Service This service listens for and sends APNs notifications for the iOS version of AirWatch Inbox.

AirWatch Entity Change Queue Monitor

This service monitors the event log MSMQ and sends the outbound event logs.
AirWatch GEM Inventory Service AirWatch GEM Inventory Service communicate instance-specific information to a GEM installation.
AirWatch Integration Service The Bulk Import Service writes to this queue. Integration Service then reads from this queue.

AirWatch Interrogator Queue Monitor

Processes samples from devices that have been stored in various queues, and writes those samples to the database.

AirWatch Interrogator Server

Handles incoming samples from devices and stores them in a common queue to be processed later.

AirWatch Log Manager Queue Monitor

The Log Manager Queue Service processes incoming data samples from Windows Rugged Devices.

AirWatch Master Queue Service

Service that processes inbound samples from a device in an Intermediate queue, and distributes to individual batch sample queues.

AirWatch MEG Queue Service

Reads and processes mobile email gateway requests from MSMQ.

AirWatch Messaging Service

The Messaging service reads the scheduled messages from the APNSOutbound and C2DMOutbound queues and sends them to the respective Cloud services.

AirWatch Policy Engine This service is used to determine product/product set applicability and compliance for devices, if needed, product jobs are sent to the device to install, uninstall profiles, file/actions, and applications.
AirWatch Remote Control Tunnel Service This service reads information from a Queue that the Tunnel Server writes to. It then writes this information to the database.
AirWatch Smart Group Service Consolidates processing of Smart Groups into one service.

AirWatch SMS Service

The messaging service is used by the Web Console to send messages to devices.

VMware Tunnel

Adds Proxy to all your internal resources.

Tunnel Server

Tunnel Server service maintains open connections for communication to Windows Rugged devices.