Setting up your account with Google-managed domain requires the organization to set up a managed Google domain if they do not already use one.

You are to complete several manual tasks, such as verifying domain ownership with Google, obtaining an EMM token, and creating an enterprise service account to use this type of setup.

To start Android for Work setup in the AirWatch Console using Google Domain-based enrollment, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Devices >Devices Settings> Devices & Users > Android > Android for Work.
  2. Select Click Here to be redirected to the Android for Work Setup Wizard to complete three steps:
    • Generate EMM Token: Obtain your enterprise token by registering your enterprise domain with Google.
    • Upload EMM Token: Enter the EMM Token into the Android for Work setup wizard.

    • Setup Users: Configure how users will be created for your entire enterprise.
  3. Select Go To Google. You are redirected to the Google Android site
  4. Register your enterprise and verify your domain.
    Setting Description
    Google Admin Email Address The Google account used to sign in to the Google.
    Client ID The unique identifier Google will use to access the Android for Work APIs. Copy this address from the JSON file saved to your local drive.
    Google Service Account Email Address An account that belongs to your application instead of to an individual end-use that include a generated email address that is unique and at least one public/private key pair. Copy this address from the JSON file saved to your local drive.
    Cert Id Your unique identity certificate. Copy the certificate ID from the P12 file you downloaded when you created the Google Service Account.