After your devices are enrolled and configured, manage the devices using the AirWatch Console. The management tools and functions enable you to keep an eye on your devices and remotely perform administrative functions.

You can manage all your devices from the VMware AirWatch Dashboard. The Dashboard is a searchable, customizable view that you can use to filter and find specific devices. This feature makes it easier to perform administrative functions on a particular set of devices. The Device List View displays all the devices currently enrolled in your AirWatch environment and their status. The Device Details page provides device-specific information such as profiles, apps, AirWatch Agent version and which version of any applicable OEM service currently installed on the device. You can also perform remote actions on the device from the Device Details page that are platform-specific.

Shared devices allow multiple users to check out a device, log in, and access their assigned applications and files. Education settings are pushed to device carts and assigned to the class. Consider the following use requirements and limitations:

  • iPads have a specific number of cached users associated with them.
  • Student data is stored separately on the iPad and pushed to iCloud Drive or other cloud-based solutions that use apps from the App Store.