Staging enables you to enroll a device quickly. A Staging package connects a device to a Wi-Fi connection, installs the AirWatch Agent and enrolls the device without end-user input.

Staging Basics

The Rugged Enrollment Configuration wizard simplifies creating staging packages. With the wizard, everything you need for a staging package is created in a step-by-step process.

Staging packages are created as part of the product provisioning process. You can include profiles, applications, and files/actions as part of the staging package depending on the device platform.

You have several methods for enrolling a rugged device through staging. Barcode Enrollment creates a staging package associated with a barcode that you scan to stage the device. On-Demand staging uses the Rapid Deployment Client (RD Client) to download the staging package to your Zebra Windows Rugged or Motorola devices. Sideloading packages are transferred to a device instead of being scanned or downloaded.

Rugged Enrollment Configuration Wizard

Simplify rugged device enrollment through the Rugged Enrollment Configuration wizard. This wizard helps you complete each step in creating a staging package for your Android Rugged and Windows Rugged devices. The wizard supports barcode enrollment, sideload staging, and web enrollment (Windows Rugged only). For more information, see Use the Rugged Enrollment Configuration Wizard.

Staging Configuration

If you are not using the Rugged Enrollment Configuration Wizard, you must manually create a staging package. The staging package contains all the relevant enrollment information for devices. After creating a staging package, you install the package onto devices using barcode staging, sideload staging, or on-demand staging. For more information, see Create a Manual Staging Package.

Advanced Staging

As part of creating a staging package, you can add more instructions and files to the staging package. These advanced components enhance the actions taken during enrollment. For more information, see Configure Advanced Staging.

Staging Wi-Fi Profile

It is mandatory that your staging package include a Wi-Fi profile. This profile configures the device to connect to the network the device uses to access the relay server to download the AirWatch Agent and enroll. For more information, see Create a Wi-Fi Profile for Staging.

Barcode Staging

You can create a barcode to scan to begin the auto-enrollment process for your Motorola and Zebra rugged devices. The barcodes simplify staging devices into a quick scan of a barcode to configure the device using a created staging package. For more information, see Barcode Staging.

On-Demand Staging

On-demand enrollment allows Motorola and Zebra rugged devices to scan a network or ActiveSync connection for a broadcast staging package. For more information, see On-Demand Staging.

Sideload Staging

You can create a sideload staging package to install onto devices to begin the auto-enrollment process for your rugged devices. The sideload staging packages simplify enrollment by combining all the required components into one. For more information, see Sideload Staging Packages.