Perform the following steps to configure your SCEP endpoint.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Certificates > Certificate Authorities. Select Add.

    The Add/Edit certificate authority page displays.

  2. Select Generic SCEP from the Authority Type drop-down.

  3. Enter the following information pertaining to your SCEP Endpoint:

    Field Name



    The friendly name of your certificate authority in AirWatch.


    An optional field that you can use to give details about this defined-CA, its usages, etc.

    Authority Type

    The type of certificate authority being defined in AirWatch.

    SCEP Provider

    The type of SCEP provider AirWatch is integrating with, Basic is the only option supported currently. (This field cannot be changed.)


    The URL the device will use during certificate enrollment.

    Challenge Type

    Allows the admin to choose between static challenge and no challenge.

    Static Challenge

    If static challenge is selected, this is the necessary challenge the device must have in order to get its CSR signed by the CA.

  4. Select Save.