After OpenTrust CMS Mobile has been installed, either in your on-premises environment or available from a provider’s cloud, you will receive a connection URL and three identities contained in password-protected PKCS#12 (.PFX or .P12) files. These identities are illustrated and explained below.


  1. One identity is meant for communication between AirWatch and OpenTrust CMS Mobile, hereafter referred to as “CMS JSON Connector”.
  2. One identity is meant for OpenTrust CMS Mobile administration, hereafter referred to as “CMS Admin”.
  3. One identity is meant for communication between OpenTrust CMS Mobile and OpenTrust PKI, hereafter referred to as “PKI SOAP Connector”.

These identities must have been configured by the CMS administrator with appropriate rights for each task.

You only need to integrate the CMS Admin identity into your browser, the two other PKCS#12 files need to remain available later for configuration. Check your browser’s documentation about integrating a digital identity if needed.