Next you need to configure the request template, which is used to determine what goes in the subject field, the key length, and the private key usage.

Perform the following steps to configure the request template.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Certificates > Certificate Authorities. Select the Request Templates tab. Select Add. The Add/Edit certificate template page displays.

  2. Enter the following information pertaining to your request template.


    Field description


    The friendly name given to the request template defined in AirWatch.


    An optional field you can use to describe the details, usages, etc. of the request template.

    Certificate Authority

    The certificate authority you defined previously.

    Subject Name

    The subject given to device when it generates its key pair. Use the lookup value button to the left of the field for dynamic values.

    Private Key Length

    The length of the key pair to be generated.

    Private Key Type

    This tells the device what the private key is to be used for.

  3. Select Save.