Now that you have completed Retrieving Certificate from SecureAuth Certificate Authority, AirWatch is able to communicate with SecureAuth. The next step is to define which certificate will be deployed to devices by setting up a certificate template in AirWatch. Use the following steps whether you are setting up a template for PKI or SCEP.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Certificates > Certificate Authorities.
  2. Select the Request Templates tab.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Select SecureAuth from the Certificate Authority drop-down menu.
  5. Enter the Name for the SecureAuth Request Template.
  6. Enter a Description to help you identify the SecureAuth certificate template.
  7. Enter the Subject Name, which is the identity bound to the certificate.
  8. Select the Key Pair Generation Location, which can be either AirWatch or SecureAuth. This is where the key pair is generated – either on the SecureAuth side or on the AirWatch side. AirWatch recommends selecting SecureAuth because it is the simpler configuration.
    • When you select SecureAuth, it will generate the certificate and the private key and return it back to AirWatch with its root certificate. The root certificate and user certificate are combined into a single cert and sent to the device to install.
    • When you select AirWatch, you have a few more fields to configure: the Certificate Validity Period, which is the length of time the certificate is valid for in days (AirWatch recommends the value 365), and the Private Key Length, which is how secure you want the keys to be (AirWatch recommends 2048 as the key length).
  9. For Private Key Type, select if the certificate can be used for signing and encryption operations or both.
  10. Select the Automatic Certificate Renewal checkbox if AirWatch is going to automatically request the certificate to be renewed by SecureAuth when it expires. If you select this option, enter the number of days prior to expiration before AirWatch automatically requests SecureAuth to reissue the certificate in the Auto Renewal Period (days) field. This requires the certificate profile on SecureAuth to have the Duplicated Certificates setting enabled.
  11. Select the Enable Certificate Revocation checkbox if you want AirWatch to be able to revoke certificates.
  12. Click Save.