These testing and troubleshooting techniques are for SaaS, rather than on-premises deployments.

  • If you are seeing the error, (40) Error AirWatch.CloudConnector.CertificateService.CertificateService.TestConnection, make sure you clean up stale profiles and increase the size of MaxRecievedMessageSize and MaxBufferSize to 2147483647.

Verify Ability to Perform Certificate Authentication without AirWatch

Remove AirWatch from the configuration and manually configure a device to connect to your network server using certificate authentication. This should work outside of AirWatch and until this works properly, AirWatch will not be able to configure a device to connect with a certificate.

Verify Ability to Perform Certificate Authentication with AirWatch

You can confirm that the certificate is usable by pushing a profile to the device and testing whether or not the device is able to connect and sync to the configured EAS, VPN, or Wi-Fi access-point. If the device is not connecting and shows a message that the certificate cannot be authenticated or the account cannot connect then there is a problem in the configuration. Below are some helpful troubleshooting checks.

If SSL TLS errors are received while creating a template

This error can occur when you attempt to:

  • Create an AirWatch certificate template byselecting the Retrieve Profiles button or
  • Retrieve a certificate from the AirWatch console from the Symantec certificate authority.

The troubleshooting technique that usually resolves this problem is:

  • Adding the required server certificate chain in the console servers trusted root key store.

If the AirWatch Certificate Profile fails to install on the device

  • Inform AirWatch Professional Services of the error and request they:
    • Turn On Verbose Mode to capture additional data.
    • Retrieve web console log.
  • AirWatch analyzes the log and works with customer to resolve the problem.

If the certificate is not populated in the View XML option of the profile

  • Confirm that lookup values configured on the Symantec certificate profile match the look up values in the AirWatch console’s Request Template.
  • Confirm that lookup values in AirWatch Request Template are actually populated in the user information being pulled from AD.
  • Confirm you are pointing to the right profile in Symantec.