The VMware Tunnel is a product you can install on physical or virtual servers that reside in either the DMZ or a secured internal network zone. VMware Tunnel comprises two separate components, proxy and Per-App Tunneling, each with their own features.

VMware Tunnel offers two architecture models for deployment: single-tier and multi-tier. Both configurations support load-balancing for high availability. The proxy component supports SSL offloading , while Per-App Tunneling cannot be SSL-offloaded .

Consider using the Per-App Tunnel component as it provides the most functionality with easier installation and maintenance. Per-App Tunnel uses the native platform (Apple, Google, Microsoft) APIs to provide a seamless experience for users. The Per-App Tunnel provides most of the same functionality of the Proxy component without the need for additional configuration that Proxy requires.

VMware Tunnel installs as a virtual appliance using VMware vSphere. This deployment method simplifies configuration, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. After configuring VMware Tunnel in the AirWatch Console, download and install the .ova file using VMware vSphere.