Because corporate devices enterprise-owned, they can be preapproved for AirWatch enrollment.

Before your non-BYOD users enroll, add their assigned corporate devices to a preapproved list. These devices automatically have their ownership type configured based on the ownership type you selected (either Corporate Owned or Corporate Shared).

  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Enrollment Status and select Add, then Batch Import.

    Alternatively, you can select Whitelisted Devices to enter up to 30 whitelisted devices at a time by IMEI, UDID, or Serial Number. Also, select either Corporate Owned or Corporate Shared as the Ownership Type.

  2. Enter a Batch Name and Batch Description, then select Add Whitelisted Device as the Batch Type.
  3. Select Choose File to upload a file or select the Information icon to download a sample template.

    If you are saving a template, fill out the required information.

  4. Select Save.