The Command Status column visible from the View Devices screen includes the following installation statuses as they relate to the selected device.

  • Error – Displays as a link that, when selected, shows the specific error code applicable to the device.
  • Held – Displays when the device is included in a certificate batch process that is underway.
  • Not Applicable – Displays when the profile assignment does not impact the device but is nonetheless part of the smart group or deployment. For example, when the profile type is unmanaged.
  • Not Now – Displays when the device is locked or otherwise occupied.
  • Pending – Displays when the installation is queued and is on schedule to be completed.
  • Success – Displays when the profile is successfully installed.

The Command Status column is functional only for iOS devices.

You can also produce a comma-separated value (CSV) file of the entire View Devices page by selecting the Export icon ( MDM_Export_Icon_light_background). Excel can be used to read and analyze the CSV file.

You can also customize which columns in the View Devices page you want to be visible by selecting the Available Columns icon ( MDM_Available_Columns_Icon_light_background).