Use the Add Version option to update versions of your internal applications to incorporate new features and fixes, test beta versions, and comply with organizational compliance standards.

Versioning has many benefits for testing and for compliance.

  • Deploy multiple versions of the same application.
  • Push beta versions for testing purposes.
  • Allow Apple iOS devices to ‘roll back’ to a previous version.
  • Push approved or compliant versions of applications to devices.

The system can recognize a different version of an application without using the Add Version option. If you add the different version of the application as if it were new, the system still displays the Retire Previous Versions check box on the Details tab.

Supported Decimal Format

AirWatch supports application version numbers with three numbers and two decimal places: <MajorNumber>.<MinorNumber>.<Number> or 9.1.1.

Versioning Example – Beta Testing

Deploy multiple versions to test applications. Upload a beta version of an application and deploy it to beta users at the same time you have a non-beta version available to your regular users. After you test the beta version, you can replace the existing, non-beta, version with the tested version.

For topics about the management of applications in AirWatch, see Manage Applications Overview.

More Topics on Versioning

Configure Versions

For information on the configuration of versions with the Add Version feature, read Add Versions for Internal Applications.

Version Values

AirWatch uses two different version values to manage version control of internal applications. See Version Values for Internal Apps for an explanation of where AirWatch retrieves version values.

The Retire Previous Version for Multiple Versions and Roll Backs for iOS Applications

See Multiple Versions for an explanation of the Retire Previous Version option and how it controls multiple versions.

Another topic that describes functions of the Retire Previous Version option is Roll Back Results, Apple iOS Internal Apps.