Control versions of internal applications available to end users with the Add Version feature.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native and select the Internal tab.
  2. Select the application and then select Add Version from the actions menu.
  3. Upload the updated file.
  4. Configure the Retire Previous Versions check box on the Details tab:

    Setting Description
    Enable Retire Previous Version

    AirWatch unassigns the lower Actual File Version and assigns the higher Actual File Version to devices.

    Apple iOS is the exception. These devices can receive lower Actual File Versions assigned through retiring previous versions in the AirWatch Console.

    Disable Retire Previous Version

    AirWatch assigns the higher Actual File Version to devices and the lower Actual File Version remains assigned, too. Multiple versions work only if all versions are Active.

    AirWatch can assign multiple versions to Apple iOS devices no matter if the versions increment up or down.

  5. Select Save & Assign to use the flexible deployment feature.

The actions menu also offers an Other Versions option to view all the versions of an application in the AirWatch Console.

See Internal App Versions in AirWatch for more topics on Versioning.