To find data, use My Dashboard powered by Workspace ONE Intelligence. Apply widgets to display data as graphics and analyze the trends occurring in areas within your Workspace ONE platform.

About Preview Features

My Dashboard is a Preview feature. This is a free, time-limited release that is aimed at gathering feedback on our direction and progress. We encourage users to grab the build, put it through its paces, and let us know in the Data Driven Community Forums on myAirWatch where we can do better. While the release is certainly stable, Tech Preview builds are exclusively for testing purposes.

Depending on the feedback, previews can change drastically, get removed, or release as developed. The feedback and satisfaction of preview users drive the development and release.

Find the Data Driven Community Forums on myAirWatch at and select Data Driven from the menu.

Latest Data Snapshot

My Dashboard represents the latest data in the Custom Reports infrastructure. Workspace ONE Intelligence streams data from the database in the cloud so that the analytics you see are a current picture of the state of your Workspace ONE deployment.

Available Metrics

Use widgets to display various metrics for your deployment.

Metric Widget
Asset tracking Platform and OS Breakdown
Security Compromised Status by OS Version
Application deployment Top 10 Popular Apps
Windows patches Security Patch Status

Customize My Dashboard

Define the layout of My Dashboard with widgets. Customize the data, as needed, to display the necessary data to solve problems, analyze deployment health, or view usage trends.

  • Move widgets anywhere on the dashboard.
  • Size widgets.
  • Delete widgets.