Single web links applications created in Apps & Books and single web links applications created using device profiles share configurations.

  • All MAM functions are available in both areas of the console ( Apps & Books and Devices).
  • A single web clip (or bookmark) payload that is the only payload in a profile added in Devices displays in the Apps & Books section. You can edit these singular web clips in both sections.
  • Multiple web clips in a single profile or a single web clip added in combination with other payloads in the Devices section do not display in the Apps & Books section. You must work with these web clips in Devices.
  • You can add MDM features from the Devices section with the device profile version of the web links application. For example, enter assignment criteria like a Geofencing area and installation scheduling using the General payload of a web clip or bookmark.

For more topics about web applications in AirWatch, see Web Applications Overview.