Web links applications function much like an application on a device. They provide end-users a way to access a URL directly from an icon on menu of their device. The end-user sees the web links application icon and title, selects the application, and connects directly to a specified URL.

Web links applications are useful for navigation to extended URLs with many characters. You can place web links application icons on the springboard. These icons connect end-users to internal content repositories or login screens, so end-users do not open a browser and type out a long URL.

You can add web links applications using two methods.

  • As an application in the Apps & Books section of the AirWatch Console.

  • As a device profile in the Devices section of the AirWatch Console.

    See the applicable platform guide for the profile you want to push.

    • Bookmark profiles – Android
    • Web clip profiles – Apple iOS, macOS, and Windows Desktop

Supported Platforms for Web Links Applications

The AirWatch Console supports the various platforms to push and manage web links applications.

  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • macOS
  • Windows Desktop

AirWatch Web Links Apps and Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE now displays and allows access to applications located in the Web Links tab in the AirWatch Console. Workspace ONE pulls the URL, the application description, and the icon from AirWatch.

For more topics about web applications in AirWatch, see Web Applications Overview.