To deploy Win32 applications with software distribution, use supported file types, operating systems, and platforms.

Supported Platforms

Windows Desktop

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10

Supported File Types

  • MSI
  • EXE
  • ZIP

CDNs and File Storage Systems

All deployments use a content delivery network (CDN) to deploy applications. This option has the advantage of sending content to devices in the network and to remote devices. It also offers increased download speeds and reduces bandwidth on AirWatch servers. However, in some scenarios, a CDN is not a viable option. For these instances, use a file storage system.

Enable Software Package Deployment

Configure AirWatch to recognize the deployment of Win32 applications through the software distribution method.

SaaS Environments

For the Software Package Deployment option to display, AirWatch enables the CDN for the environment. Go to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Device & Users > Windows > Windows Desktop > App Deployments and enable Software Package Deployment.


If your deployment whitelists AirWatch IP addresses, the CDN does not work.

On-Premises Environments

On-Premises environments use a file storage system to store the large Win32 applications. They also use a CDN to download the applications and to reduce bandwidth on other servers.

  1. First, enable the CDN at Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > CDN.
  2. Enable the file storage system. See File Storage Introduction for more information and server requirements.

If your deployment cannot use the CDN but still wants to deploy Win32 applications with software distribution, contact your VMware AirWatch representative to get a SQL script to enable the feature.