AirWatch can deploy Win32 applications from the Apps & Books section so that you can use the application life cycle flow that exists for all internal applications. This feature is called software distribution.

If you have scripting needs, use the product provisioning feature described in the Introduction to Product Provisioning for Windows Desktop in the VMware AirWatch Product Provisioning for Windows Desktop Guide.

For more information on software distribution and how to troubleshoot the system, see the following AirWatch Knowledge Base article:

Prerequisites for Software Distribution

See Requirements to Deploy Win32 Applications for Software Distribution to ensure you have the systems in place before you deploy Win32 applications through the software distribution feature.

See Configure Local File Storage to read about how to set up a local file storage as an alternative storage location for on-premise deployments.

Use the Application Lifecycle for Software Distribution

Read Application Life Cycle for Software Distribution for an overview of the steps to take to deploy Win32 applications and how you can manage them with the application life cycle features in AirWatch.

Follow Upload Win32 Files for the steps to upload Win32 files to the AirWatch Console for software distribution.

See Configure, Assign, and Deploy Win32 Files for the steps to add patches, transforms, and dependencies, set other configurations for deployment, to assign files to groups, and to deploy them to devices.

Review Inventory Win32 Applications with Tracking Features for information on how to use the Details View to track application installations.

Read Delete Win32 Files to review the options to delete Win32 files off devices.

Auxiliary File Descriptions

See Dependency Files in Software Distribution for an explanation of what dependency files can do when deployed through AirWatch and possible issues that might arise if you delete dependency files that are associated to many Win32 applications.

See Patches in Software Distribution for an explanation of the system behavior for assigning cumulative patches to applications and restrictions for patches.