Sync offline and online licenses with the details view of the application, andview the corresponding users of the licenses. Reclaim licenses to reassign them.

Sync Licenses to View Users and Claimed Licenses

When you assign Windows Store for Business applications to devices, the assignment process claims corresponding licenses before the system initiates the installation of the application. Use the details view to see the list of user devices and the associated, claimed license.

Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Public and select the Windows Store for Business application. This action displays the details view. In this view, use the Sync License action to import the list of users that correspond to claimed licenses. To see the claimed licenses, select the Licenses tab.


AirWatch also imports the license associations when you select the Import from BSP option upon the initial import of your Windows Store for Business applications. This sync is performed asynchronous to the application package sync.

Reclaim Licenses

You can reclaim and reuse the licenses displayed on the Licenses tab by deleting the assignment of the application to the user's device. AirWatch includes several methods to delete assignments. Deletion results in the removal of the application from the device.

Method Description
Details View

Select the Delete Application function in the details view of the application.

This action removes the application off devices in groups assigned to the application.

Device Delete the applicable device from the console.
Organization Group

Delete the organization group.

This action impacts all assets and devices in the organization group.

Assignment Group

Delete the smart or user group assigned to the application.

This action impacts every device in the group.

User Delete the applicable user account from the console.

See The Windows Store for Business and AirWatch for more topics about the integration with the Windows Store for Business.