The Workspace ONE Catalog wizard walks you through the steps to set up the Workspace ONE Catalog. You can also use the Workspace ONE custom branding step to add your company's branding to the Workspace ONE catalog and application.

About this task

The Workspace ONE catalog is the repository of all the resources that you can entitle to users. Users can access enterprise applications that you manage in the Workspace ONE catalog based on the settings you establish for the application.


  1. Log in to the AirWatch console with the admin password.
  2. Select Getting Started > Workspace ONE.
  3. In the Workspace ONE Catalog section, click Configure.
  4. In the Choose Smartgroups to Assign section, select the groups that can use the Workspace ONE catalog.

    Workspace ONE is not deployed to these devices, only assigned. You can change the deployment type to automatic in the AirWatch Mobile Application Management (MAM) service after completing the wizard, if you want to push the application automatically.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Click View Workspace ONE Apps to see the list of Workspace ONE applications and modify their deployment configurations.


    Clicking the download button on the Workspace ONE wizard page downloads a Workspace ONE getting started communication email template that can be used to notify users about the new Workspace ONE catalog of resources.

  7. Click Brand Setup to customize the branding design. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager admin console . You must use the VMware Identity Manager admin credentials to modify Workspace ONE branding.

    You can customize the Workspace ONE catalog portal, sign on pages, and application view.

What to do next

The application are not yet deployed. Deploy each application as required.