The Scheduler settings page lets you view the AirWatch Console's scheduler jobs and configure the scheduler by setting the frequency with which they occur. You can also disable individual tasks.

Scheduler Task


Agent Package Process Repository

Watches the package repository directory for WinMo Agent packages and pulls them in to the database.

Android Work Google Device Id Validation Job

Upon enrollment into Android enterprise, the server waits for a Google generated deviceID, so that it can initiate the application assignment and push. There are a few minutes delay in getting this ID and this scheduler checks whether any new enrolled device has the ID updated and if yes, start the app sync process.

App EULA Update Notification

Accounts for all devices for which App EULA acceptance is pending and sends notifications. Once final notification is sent, app is removed from the device.

Auto Renew Expiring Profile

Checks for certificates with expiry within renewal grace period configured on Certificate Authority and renews them.

Auto-rotate Google Password


BitLocker Recovery Key Rotation Job

Rotates the BitLocker admin recovery key based on the values configured in the profile.

Command Publish Batch Job


Console Notifications

Checks to see if any new notifications should be added to an admin's notification list (e.g. APNs expiration notification). These notifications appear in the admin console and/or emailed to the admins.

Device Based VPP Apps to Track Update

Checks which VPP applications at an organization group have device based licensing and auto update enabled. This adds or removes apps from the list used by the VPP auto update scheduler job.

Device Enrollment Program Update

Initiates sync command from Apple to send the added and removed devices for a DEP token at a given OG to update our records.

Email Password Removal 

Removes Google password generated for email from Workspace ONE UEM database.

File Encryption Migration

Encrypts or decrypts content stored in the file storage based on the settings in All Settings > Admin > Storage.

Install Application On Demand

Triggers install of Apple VPP applications upon VPP invite acceptance and triggers install of failed-eligible Apple VPP applications.

List View Export

Checks if an export has been requested by an admin for the device or user list view. If it has, it schedules a background job to run asynchronously. Once that background job is completed, the list view export is available for download.

MDM Application List Sample

Collects the status of applications that are marked as 'MDM apps' from all the devices. Applicable only for iOS apps and devices. Scheduler is turned off by default and is enabled only for customer who request the functionality.

MDM License Count Update

Checks device enrollment counts and updates the customer's license counts. Used to track product usage.

P2P license true-up with vendor

Identifies all the peer distribution server licenses that are about to expire, renews the licenses by reaching out to Adaptiva cloud licensing service and distributes the renewed license key to the peer distribution server.

Peer Distribution Software Notification Job

Identifies all the Peer Distribution servers that do not have the latest version installed and notifies the administrator to update.

Profile Publish Batch Job


Purge Marked For Delete

This job deletes repo(s)/folder(s)/file(s) under a repository that is marked for deletion.

Query Feedback Service

Checks Apple's Feedback Service for statuses and causes of failed APNs commands.

Re-queue Device Commands

Applicable only for Windows devices. Identifies devices with failed application installs and re-tries installation. The number of re-try attempts and the interval for the next attempt are identified from the performance tuning settings 'Max re-try attempts for failed app install' and 'Failed Application Install Retry Interval' respectively.

Run Compliance Engine

The scheduler job evaluates compliance in scenarios where:

  • Compliance policy is created Post-enrollment,
  • Any subsequent changes are made to the compliance policy,
  • Any changes made to smart group,
  • Device moves organization groups,
  • Changes made to app groups,
  • Certain Telecom based compliance policies are enabled,
  • Apple Templates are used.

S/MIME Certificate Cleanup

Checks for all SMIME certificates that have completed their retention period and purges them.

Scheduled Application Batch Release

Used to release internal application install commands created and held by 'Scheduled Application Publish' job. Selects queued application batch (roundrobin). Calculates device list using configured 'Batch Size' field of performance tuning section. Releases install commands for batch.

Scheduled Application Publish

Used to trigger installation and removal of internal applications based on newly-effective assignments. Creates held batch of install commands. Creates remove commands for immediate release.

Send Apps to App Scan Vendor

Send unique list of applications installed across entire device fleet to configured app scan vendor.

Send VPP Invites and Apps

Checks for users assigned user based VPP apps and either sends email or device notifications inviting users or devices to participate in user based licenses of the Volume Purchase Program.

Server Action Task


Staged Command Data Processing Job

Used to schedule the processing of bulk commands from the Device List View page.

Sync Chrome OS Devices

Retrieves new Chrome OS enrollments from Google and creates a corresponding device record in Workspace ONE UEM.

Sync Directory Groups

Queries the directory to grab all members of sync’d directory groups. Stores users who are part of the group in the UserGroupEnrollmentUserMapSync table. Compares those users by Distinguished Name (DN) or other unique attribute in the UserGroupEnrollmentUserMapSync table to the Mobilemanagement.EnrollmentUser table. If group has add missing users enabled and User does not exist with that DN, user details are pulled from the AD using user ExternalID and stored in the Mobilemanagement.EnrollmentUser table.

Sync Directory User and Admin Attributes

Queries the directory to sync user attributes based on eternalID.

Sync External Content

Syncs admin repo metadata for all the repositories where admin user credentials are set in the MCM console.

Sync MEM Device Resource ID Job

Syncs Google device records with Workspace ONE UEM for approving new enrollments / mobile mail configurations

Telecom Assign Plans/Roll-up Usage

Calculate usage limits for devices whose Admin has enabled Telecom tracking. Necessary to run reports, populate dashboard, and have accurate list-view for Telecom.

Temporary Session Key Clean Up

Clears temporary encryption keys used to encrypt admin provided passphrase in a downloaded configuration file. The key is removed from the database so that it is impossible to retrieve the passphrase from the configuration file after the 48-hour key rotation window has passed.

VPP Auto Update

Checks iTunes for latest version of VPP applications from the list created by Device Based VPP Apps to Track Update job. Each app is checked once every 24 hours. If an update is available, the job kicks off the update command to assigned devices.

VPP Revoke Licenses

Checks for users with associated licenses but no corresponding assigned application. It then issues a revoke command of the license from the user to disassociate it from the license so it can be reused.

Workflow Service

Used in conjunction with App store restriction, if restriction is enabled then only one app workflow will be active at a time. If any issue with app installation then as per scheduler workflow, it will delete in 15 minutes and next one will start.