The AirWatch REST API information that you provide during the installation process fetches your SEG configuration from the AirWatch Console.


Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8 before you begin with the installation of SEG (V2 Platform) . If the JRE version present is older than the required version JRE 8 (, the SEG installer prompts you to install it.


  1. Run the installer as an administrator in the AirWatch Secure Email Gateway - InstallShield Wizard window. Click Next.
  2. Accept the End User License Agreement and select Next.
  3. Select Next to install the SEG to the default folder C:\AirWatch\ or select Change to choose a different folder.

  4. Enter the AirWatch API Infomation and select Next.
      Settings Description
      HTTPS Select the check box if the protocol for the AirWatch API server is https.
      API Server Hostname

      Enter the URL of your AirWatch API server.

      This is required to fetch the SEG configuration from the AirWatch Console.

      Admin Username Enter the user name of an AirWatch Admin user account.
      Admin Password Enter the password of an AirWatch Admin user account.
      MEM Config GUID

      Enter the unique ID of your Mobile Email Management (MEM) configuration.

      This is shown on the MEM Configuration page on the AirWatch Console.

  5. If an outbound proxy is required for the communication from the SEG to the API server then select the Outbound proxy? check box and enter the proxy details. Select Next.
      Settings Description
      HTTPS If the protocol for the proxy is https then select the check box.
      Proxy Host The address of the proxy host.
      Proxy Port The proxy port number.




      User name and password for proxy authentication.

      These fields are available once you select the Does the proxy require authentication credentails? check box.

      JSEG Proxy Details


  1. If you have provided the SSL certificate while configuring the MEM settings in the console, then skip this step and proceed with step 7. Else, select Browse to upload the SSL Certificate and enter the Certificate Password. Select Next.
      SSL Cert Import
  2. Select Install to begin the installation. The InstallShield Wizard takes few minutes to install the SEG.
  3. Select Finish to exit the AirWatch Secure Email Gateway - InstallShield Wizard.