Console events show MDM actions from the AirWatch Console that include the following examples: Login sessions, Failed login attempts, Admin actions, System settings changes, and User preferences.

Severity levels include the following descriptions:

  • Critical – Indicates a failure in a primary AirWatch Console system.
  • Error – Indicates a failure in a non-primary AirWatch Console system.
  • Warning – Indicates an issue in the future if action is not taken.
  • Notice – Indicates unusual conditions.
  • Information – Indicates normal operational data.
  • Debug – Indicates useful information for troubleshooting.

To use a console event:

  1. Navigate to Hub > Reports & Analytics > Events > Console Events.
  2. Filter the information to focus and narrow the list of devices. Filter by Data Range, Severity, Category, and Module.
  3. Click the Event Data option to view information for a specific console event.