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About VMware App Launchpad

VMware App Launchpad is an application platform as-a-service offering, that lays out a self-service portfolio of pre-configured, out-of-box Bitnami & ISV applications from VMware Marketplace. With a single click, developers can deploy full-stack applications without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure.

VMware App Launchpad supports the use of applications from the following sources:
  • The applications catalog in VMware Marketplace.
  • Custom, in-house applications.
  • Helm Chart repositories of container applications.

Service providers can provision VMware App Launchpad service through the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator.

The following diagram illustrates the architecture of VMware App Launchpad.

A diagram displaying connections between VMware App Launchpad,VMware Cloud Partner Navigator,VMware Cloud Director Service and VMware Cloud Director.