You can create and manage accounts for local users, Active Directory users and groups.

User Accounts

You can create user accounts and grant privileges for different roles.

  • Local administrator privileges are required to install App Volumes components on target servers. If you plan to use writable volumes in combination with user-installed applications, end users must have local administrator privileges on target computers to install such applications. AppStack provisioning process requires the provisioning user to have local administrator privileges on the provisioning computer.

  • To integrate App Volumes with vCenter Server, you need to create a service account within a vCenter Server with administrator privileges. Optionally, you can create a service account with privileges granted by a custom user role.

  • If you plan to use direct connection to ESXi host or plan to use Mount to Host option with vCenter Server connection, you need to have credentials of the user account that have administrator privileges on all ESXi hosts.


user names must contain only ASCII characters.

Active Directory Credentials

The App Volumes Manager connects to the Active Directory using the service account. To prepare for installation you must create an account within the Active Directory domain that meets the following requriements:

  • Provides read access to the Active Directory domain. Administrator provileges are not required.

  • Password for the service account does not expire.

The App Volumes Manager fully supports trusted Active Directory domains if they are configured for two-way trust. If your environment contains domains that are configured for one-way trust and that does not trust the primary App Volumes domain, you can configure separate credentials to access these domains. These credentials are used when connecting to any trust instead of the primary domain credentials.

Adminstrators Group

Access to the App Volumes Manager is restricted to the App Volumes Administrators group. When you perform the initial configuration, you need to provide the name of the Active Directory security group that will have access to the App Volumes Manager.

The Active Directory service account user is not required to be an administrator.