After you have installed App Volumes Manager, install the App Volumes agent on the provisioning computer and target desktops. Do not install the agent on the server where the App Volumes Manager is installed.


  • Verify that your environment meets the system requirements.

  • Verify that your account has local administrator privileges on the target computer.


  1. Start the installation by running the setup.exe installer found in Installation folder on the App Volumes installation media.
  2. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.
  3. Select the Install App Volumes Agent option.
  4. Enter the App Volumes Manager host name or IP address and port.
  5. Complete the installation and restart the computer after installation.

    If you intend to use this virtual machine as a provisioning computer, create a clean snapshot or backup of this machine. Revert to this snapshot or backup before provisioning new AppStacks.