VMware App Volumes provides a seamless end-user experience while reducing infrastructure and management costs.

Unlike traditional application management solutions, VMware App Volumes provides a stateless desktop without compromising user experience. In a virtual desktop environment, it provides several benefits.

Real-Time Application Delivery and Management

App Volumes allows administrators to dynamically deliver applications to end-users in seconds. It eases application management and eliminates packaging, modifying, or streamlining applications.

  • Instantly provision applications at scale

  • Dynamically attach applications to users, groups, or target computers, while users are logged in to their desktop

  • Provision, deliver, update, and retire applications in real-time


  • Logically manage application sets based on business needs

  • Deliver and integrate application sets across all virtual desktops


  • Integrate into existing infrastructure

  • Provision applications as easily as installing them


  • Persistent user experience with non-persistent economics

  • Works with VMware Horizon with View and Citrix XenApp


  • Optimize the use of storage, SAN, IOPS, and network

  • Reduce base image size and variations