After you create and provision an AppStack, you can assign to users, groups or computers. Once assigned, the application will deploy within seconds in real time or next login.


  1. In the App Volumes Manager console, click Volumes > AppStack, and select the AppStack you want to update.
  2. Click Assign.
  3. Enter a search string to find the name of the entity to assign the AppStack.
  4. (Optional) Select the Search all domains option in the Active Directory forest check box.

    NOTE: User Principal Name string searches (search_term@domain.local) and Down-Level Logon Name string searches (domain\search_string) are supported.

  5. Click Search.

    The App Volumes Manager finds the name of the entity to assign the AppStack. You can limit the assignment to a particular computer. This is done by entering a prefix for the computer name(s) to match. For example, enter Win7- to match any computer with a name that begins with Win7.

  6. Search the user, group, or the computer, and click Assign.

    NOTE: If you choose to attach the AppStack immediately, all computers that the selected users are logged in to will have the volume attached. If a group, or OU, all users/computers in those groups will get the attachments immediately. There are two options:

    • Attach AppStack on next login or reboot

    • Attach AppStack immediately

  7. Select and click Assign.

    After AppStack is assigned to the entity, this entity becomes known to App Volumes, and you can use the Directory tab to manage assignments to users, computers or groups.