App Volumes operation mode is determined by configuring a machine manager. You cannot change the operation mode after you configure the machine manager.


  1. In the Hypervisor Credentials page, select and configure the required machine manager.

    Connection Type


    vCenter Server

    Provide host name, user name, and password details. You can optionally enable the Mount Local or Mount on Host options. You can also optionally provide the ESXi user name and password.

    If you select vCenter Server server as the first configured machine manager, you can add and configure additional vCenter Server servers.

    ESXi (Single Host)

    Provide host name, user name, and password details for the ESXi host.


    Ensure that the domain policies do not enforce password expiration for the service account.

    VHD In-Guest

    This option does not require any credentials to be configured. When you select this option, the permissions for writable volumes are managed. Prior to instructing the agent to mount the volume for read-write access, write permissions for the volume are granted.


    To view the permissions required by the service account, click the Required vCenter Permissions link.

  2. Click Save.

    The configured machine manager is displayed on the Machine Manager page.

  3. (Optional) To add additional machine managers, click Add Machine Manager.
  4. Click Next.