After a new AppStack is attached to the provisioning computer, you need to install applications and complete the provisioning process.

About this task


  1. Log in to the Provisioning Computer.

    Ensure that the pop-up window displays information that you are now in the provisioning mode.

  2. Install your applications.

    Do not click OK until you have completed the installation of all your applications.


  3. After installing all your applications, click OK.

    If you click OK before installation is finished for the first application, the AppStack is created, but it is empty. If you click OK before you have installed all of the applications you want in the AppStack, the AppStack will contain only the applications you have completed installing.

    The system restarts after you click OK.

  4. Log in to the provisioning computer.
  5. When the provisioning process finishes, click OK.
  6. Click Complete.
  7. Confirm provisioning.