As a best practice you can schedule a maintenance window to ensure that there is no service degradation during the uninstall and new install process.


  • Detach all volumes before you upgrade the App Volumes Manager.


  1. Using the ODBC Data Source applet in the Control Panel, note the database and server name defined in the system ODBC source svmanager.
  2. Create a backup of the App Volumes database using SQL Server tools.
  3. Create a full server backup or snapshot of the App Volumes Manager server.
  4. Using the Programs and Features applet in the Control Panel, uninstall the previous version of the App Volumes Manager.
  5. Install a new version of the App Volumes Manager.
  6. Specify the database server and name.

    Ensure that you do not select the Overwrite existing database checkbox.

  7. To verify the installation, connect to the App Volumes Management console.