To upgrade App Volumes Manager, you must uninstall your installed version of the App Volumes Manager and then install the latest version.


  • Schedule a maintenance window to ensure that there is no service degradation during the uninstall and subsequent upgrade process.

  • Detach all volumes.

  • In the Windows Start menu, open Control Panel and click Administrative Tools > ODBC data source. Note down the database and server name defined in the system ODBC source svmanager.

  • Back up the App Volumes database using SQL Server tools.

  • Create a full server backup or snapshot of the App Volumes Manager server.

  • See Install App Volumes Manager.


  1. Open the Windows Control Panel then click Programs and Features. Uninstall the current version of the App Volumes Manager.
  2. Run the App Volumes Manager setup.exe file and follow on-screen prompts.

    Do not select the Overwrite existing database check box.

  3. Log in to App Volumes Manager and go to Configuration > Machine Managers.

    A list of configured machine managers is displayed.

  4. To retain connectivity from App Volumes Manager to each of the configured machine managers, click Details under each machine manager, and click the Certificate button and accept the certificate.