Create a new AppStack.

When you create an AppStack, you only provide the name, storage, path, and description of the AppStack.


  1. From the App Volumes Manager console, click Volumes > AppStack > Create AppStack.
  2. Enter the following information for the AppStack and click Create:




    A name that describes the type of applications contained in the AppStack.


    Name of your default datastore.


    The path for the volume. The path to the apps_templates and writable_templates file on the datastore is created during the initial setup process. You can change the path to further sub-categorize volumes. For example: appvolumes/apps/your_folder..


    Select a template for the AppStack, usually in the form of a VMDK file.


    A short description of the AppStack, usually names of applications that the AppStack will contain.

What to do next

Provision the AppStack to attach it and install applications. The AppStack is not fully created until the you have completed provisioning. See Provision An AppStack and Install Applications in AppStacks.