Add an App Volumes administrator group who can log in to the App Volumes Manager and manage the users and groups.

You can create multiple administrator groups for a single Active Directory domain.


You cannot configure a single user as an administrator, you can only add a group as an administrator.


Ensure that you have already added the group to the Active Directory database.


  1. From the App Volumes Manager console, click CONFIGURATION > Admin Roles > Assign Role.
  2. Select a domain from the drop-down list; select All to search in all domains or select a specific domain.
  3. Search Groups; you can filter the search query by Contains, Begins, Ends, or Equals.
  4. (Optional) Check the Search all domains in the Active Directory forest checkbox if you want to search in all domains.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Select the Active Directory group from the drop-down list and click Assign.


All users within the group are granted administrator privileges.

What to do next

After you have added the administrators, you can configure the Machine Managers and App Volumes storage. See Configuring a Machine Manager and Configure Storage For AppStacks.