You can configure asynchronous mounting on App Volumes Manager and agent to enable App Volumes Manager to handle a large number of login requests within a short time and improve scalability.

When you attach Writable Volumes or AppStacks, the App Volumes Manager has to keep a number of HTTP connections open until the volumes are all mounted. When asynchronous mounting is enabled, App Volumes Manager does not have to wait until all the volumes are mounted and can handle other requests concurrently.

By default, asynchronous mounting is disabled on both the App Volumes Manager and agent.


You must change the settings on both the App Volumes Manager and agent to enable asynchronous mounting. You must also attach any Writable Volumes before sending a user login request.

Enable Asynchronous Mounting

To enable this setting on the agent, Log in as administrator where the App Volumes agent is installed and change the registry key settings as follows:

Table 1. App Volumes Agent Registry Key Settings

Registry Setting










To enable this setting on the App Volumes Manager, log in to App Volumes Manager and go to the Advanced Settings page and check the Asynchronous Mounting box.