You can configure storage for AppStacks by selecting the default storage locations and paths.

Volumes are attached only for virtual machines on the host. You can add available storage only when App Volumes Manager is configured in the VHD In-Guest mode. Otherwise, the list of storage locations and datastores is populated from vCenter Server. See Configure VHD In-Guest Storage.


Ensure that the paths for the default locations and the templates are separate from each other.


Use a storage location that is accessible to all virtual machine host servers. When using VMDK Direct Attach Operation Mode, the App Volumes Manager requires local or shared storage to be configured on the hypervisor.


  1. From the App Volumes Manager, click CONFIGURATION > Storage.

    If you have configured the storage options, click Edit to change the configuration.

  2. Enter the default storage information for AppStacks:



    Default Storage Location

    Storage Location in VC

    Default Storage Path

    For example, /cloudvolums/apps

    Templates Path

    For example,/cloudvolumes/writable_templates

  3. Confirm your storage settings and click Save.
  4. (Optional) Check Import volumes immediately to import the volumes immediately. This option does not allow you to perform administrative tasks while import is underway.
  5. Verify the information you entered on the Upload Prepackaged Volumes page, select the volumes, and click Upload.

    The volumes packaged with this App Volumes Manager are uploaded to the selected datastore.