The App Volumes operation mode is determined by configuring the Machine Manager.

The Machine Manager determines the type of hypervisor connection. Three types of hypervisor connections are available. You can configure the hypervisor to connect to one of the following hosts using the App Volumes Manager console.

Table 1. Hypervisor Connection Types

Hypervisor Connection Type


VMware vCenter Server

Preferred connection type for mid-to-large environments. Enables the use of VMDK Direct Attached operation mode. When using this connection type, you can assign AppStacks and Writable Volumes to the virtual machines running on multiple hypervisor hosts. See Establish a Secure vCenter Server Connection to set up a secure connection to vCenter Server.

Single ESXi Host

Enables the use of VMDK Direct Attached Operation Mode, but only for a single ESXi host. Use this connection type for small deployments and proofs of concepts. You can assign AppStacks and Writable Volumes to the virtual machines running on a single hypervisor host.

VHD In-Guest Services

Disables other hypervisor connections and enables the use of VHD In-Guest operation mode. Use this connection type to assign AppStacks and writable volumes either to virtual machines running on an unsupported third-party hypervisor or to the physical computers. See Configure VHD In-Guest Storage.


You cannot change the operation mode after you configure the Machine Manager. However, if you have configured vCenter Server as the first Machine Manager, additional vCenter Server instances can be added and configured.

Reconfigure vCenter Server

If you regenerate new certificates for ESXi hosts and you have selected vCenter Server as your machine manager, with the Mount on Host option, you must reconfigure your vCenter Server.

See Regenerate Certificates for an ESXi Host section in the VMware vSphere ESXi and vCenter Server 5 Documentation.