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VMware App Volumes 2.13.3 Release Notes

VMware App Volumes 2.13.3 | 15 MAR 2018

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes for VMware App Volumes 2.13.3 includes important updates and bug fixes.

What's New

There is a new Disable certificate validation (insecure) checkbox that has been added to make it easier to upgrade App Volumes. The new checkbox enables you to choose whether or not to validate the Active Directory certificate. This option is available when you connect securely from Active Directory to App Volumes Manager using LDAPS or LDAP over TLS.

Upgrading to VMware App Volumes 2.13.3

If you had registered the Active Directory with LDAPS or LDAP over TLS (2.13 and later), then the Disable certificate validation (insecure) checkbox is checked by default. Keep it checked to to proceed without validating the Active Directory certificate. After you have configured the certificates, uncheck the box to begin validating the Active Directory certificate.
Note: You must have installed a CA root certificate of the domain before proceeding with certificate validation.

Resolved Issues

  • In some cases, Windows is unable to redirect certain files to Writable Volumes due to a hidden SnapVolumesTemp folder.
  • In a fresh installation of 2.13.1, after a user logs off from the App Volumes instance with Refresh running in the background and logs back in, Start menu does not display correctly.
  • Certificate mismatch error while configuring Active Directory with security set to LDAPs and smart mode turned ON.
  • Unable to access a Writable Volume folder with write permission after user logs off and logs back in with Refresh OS disk running.
  • App Volumes agent occasionally receives a 500 error when a user logs out due to undefined method .ngvc exception.
  • AppStacks and Writable Volumes do not attach to the members of the universal security group in trusted domains.
  • If a user created a computer Writable Volume in App Volumes 2.13.1, for a linked-clone dedicated desktop without persistent disk and with Refresh OS disk after logoff running, the Start Menu stopped working when the user logged into the App Volumes instance a 2nd time.
    Note: Writable Volumes created in App Volumes 2.13.1 may exhibit tiles menu issues App Volumes 2.13.3.


App Volumes documentation is available in English.