VMware App Volumes 2.14.2 | 06 SEP 2018

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes for VMware App Volumes 2.14.2 includes important updates and bug fixes.

Resolved Issues

  • When multiple domains (two-way trust) are configured with LDAP Base, duplicate user entries are listed.
  • Unable to disable and enable McAfee Anti-Virus Scan when an AppStack is assigned.
  • Under certain circumstances, the message The system needs to be rebooted. Please reboot or contact your system administrator is displayed after an initial user login.
  • PDFs cannot be signed with smart card-based certificate using Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • ODBC lock request timeout errors resulting in server error.
  • Cannot delete AppStacks from App Volumes Manager after all AppStacks and related files have been removed from the datastore.
  • Replicated AppStacks are missing when VMs are deleted.
  • Extended log in time when App Volumes agent is installed on a non-domain joined VM and the message Virtualization Disabled error 500 is displayed.
  • Server error is displayed when configuring machine managers and then navigating to the “Storage” tab.


App Volumes documentation is available in English.

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