VMware App Volumes 2.14.8 ESB | 29 OCT 2019 | Build

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What is in the Release Notes

The VMware App Volumes 2.14.8 Release Notes lists resolved issues and a known issue. The 2.14.8 release also includes multiple security issues that are resolved.

These release notes cover the following topics:



App Volumes documentation is available in English.

Resolved Issues

  • If the VM folder location has non-ASCII characters, AppStacks and Writable Volumes are not attached to the instant clone pool and the App Volumes Service does not start. [2108018]

  • Resolved Visual Studio not launching when specific scripts are applied. [2212671]

  • Launch of Visio results from a network drive causes a prompt for reconfigure when specific exclusions are present in snapvol.cfg. [2216665]

  • Issues seen when launching Win 10 Cortana search, Start Menu after upgrade to Win 10 1709. [2221250]

  • At scale with multiple linked-clone desktops, there is a chance that some of the desktops may not complete log outs. Users cannot log in subsequently, which is required to manually reboot their desktops. [2255714]

  • VDI might display
    Please wait for the User Profile Service or Please wait for the VMware Horizon View Logon Monitor.


  • AppStacks can fail to import after replicating in a storage group. [2271637]

  • High RAM usage seen on vCenter Server where Horizon is generating VMs. [2283344]

  • Unable to configure OneDrive with Writable Volumes. Receiving error
    Onedrive can’t be run using full administrator rights


  • Users intermittently cannot log into VDIs with an error message like
    Failed to connect to the System Event Notification Service. Contact the System Administrator.


  • Google Sign-in is not persistent and causes the user to enter user credentials again [2289283]

  • Unable to complete provisioning/capture with MSI installers on Windows10-1809 [2292697]

  • Performance delays seen on the Admin console after upgrade to 2.14.0 [2302430]

  • Unable to delete a file in AppStack. [2310489]

  • If the initial creation of a Group Writable Volume occurs after the first login from a User in the Group, duplicate Writable Volumes might get created. [2328890]

  • Outlook OST file locked by Skype For Business when OST is redirected to Writable Volume in AppVols 2.15 [2345838]

  • Adobe Reader DC reconfigures when started [2362606]

  • Random users Writable Volume does not get detached after logout [2374623]

  • Add support of AppStacks alongside FsLogix Profile [2376634]

  • Server error seen when using CV-API on /cv_api/applications when SnapvolApp belongs to a deleted Snapvol [2332223]

Known Issues

  • If App Volumes Manager is installed by using SQL Server with TLS 1.2 enabled, App Volumes Manager cannot be started.

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