After you have installed App Volumes Manager, install the App Volumes agent on the provisioning computer and target desktops.

For improved security when using the App Volumes agent, disable weak ciphers in SSL and TLS to ensure that Windows-based machines running the agent do not use weak ciphers when they communicate using SSL/TLS protocol. See Disable Weak Ciphers in SSL and TLS in the Horizon 7 documentation.


Do not install the agent on the same machine where the App Volumes Manager is installed.

You can also install the agent silently using the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI). See Install App Volumes Agent Silently for more information.


  • Ensure that you have installed the App Volumes Manager and you have the host IP address and port number.

  • Verify that your environment meets the system requirements. See System Requirements.

  • Verify that your account has local administrator privileges on the target computer.

  • Install Windows Updates from January 2016 onwards on the target computer.

  • If you intend to use this virtual machine as a provisioning computer, create a clean snapshot or take a backup of this machine. Revert to this snapshot or the backup before provisioning new AppStacks.


  1. Run the App Volumes installer.

    The same installer is used to install App Volumes Manager and the agent.

  2. Read and accept the End User License Agreement and click Next.
  3. Select Install App Volumes Agent and click Next.
  4. Enter the IP address and port number.

    The default port number for App Volumes Manager is 443. Enter 80 for the port number if you have configured App Volumes Manager to listen on an HTTP port.

  5. (Optional) Check the Disable Certificate Validation with App Volumes Manager box if you do not want the agent to validate the App Volumes Manager certificate.

    Certificate validation is enabled by default.

  6. Click Install and follow any on-screen instructions.
  7. Click Finish to exit the wizard after the installation is completed.
  8. Restart your provisioning virtual machine to complete the agent installation.

What to do next

Configure SSL certificates for the agent. You can also disable SSL communication and certificate validation between App Volumes Manager and agent. See the administration guide for detailed information.